Brian Williams and Ashton Mechanical Group have been the recipients of the following awards:

  • 2008 & 2017 Business Excellence Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce
  • 2013 Henry H Mellon Award of Merit in Job Order Contracting
  • 2013 & 2019 Nexstar Ambassador of the Year – Brian has won twice out of 600 members
  • Milan Ilich Award for Leadership in 2011 ( this was a particularly touching moment for Brian as sadly it was the same year Milan Ilich passed away).
  • 2011 Canadian Contractor Community Leader Award
  • 2010 DIVERSEcity Culture Award for Business (1-25 employees)
  • 2009 QSC Humanitarian Award

Other Highlights Include:

  • Expanding our business into three divisions: residential, commercial and construction.
  • Our staff – people who joined our team that share the same values, passion, and work ethic. Without our team there would be no Ashton. They are truly the backbone.
  • Ashton has grown by more than 1 truck per year for over 35 years. We now have a fleet of over 50 vans plus pickups and auxiliary trucks.
  • Connor Williams starting at Ashton and taking an interest in the business because he truly wanted to not because he felt an obligation. He is passionate about Ashton and continuing to grow our business and legacy.