Our Story

In 87′, Brian Williams and his wife Julie took a leap of faith and decided to become partners in life and in business. Seemingly overnight, Brian went from an employee of a mechanical contracting company to a business owner. With $10K in savings, he bought a van, wrapped it, stocked it, and did a service call all in one weekend before looking after his first and what would become a long-term client, BC Housing. In true entrepreneurial fashion, the Williams duo hit the ground running and it was not uncommon to catch Brian working until midnight 5-6 days a week while Julie looked after the office.

“My father was a plumber by trade, I tagged along with my dad, and I worked with my father when we built our own home to set up all the plumbing.

We want to be the only call our clients need to make. Our tag line ‘One call solves it all’ means our clients can rely on us to solve the issue they may be having even if that means we don’t directly benefit financially. We don’t want our clients having to call around to multiple different trades people to solve their HVAC and plumbing concerns.

We have done this by establishing long term trusted relationships with external contractors who share the same values.

We were the first company to advertise on the side of our van – using painted vinyl stick on labels.”

Julie describes Brian as a human conduit of connectivity. Building heartfelt, meaningful relationships and having a strong set of philanthropic principles. These principles have guided us both in our partnership to build Ashton to become a trusted brand.

360° Mechanical Solutions

Our Team

We have built a successful and reputable business with dedicated employees,  who have become a part of our Ashton family. They are an integral part of our business. We care about our team and it is so important having people that share that same passion and set of values.

It’s all in the details! Taking pride in our work at Ashton is what matters most.